All Adult Population Fully Vaccinated in Chandigarh

The entire targeted population above the age of 18 years has been vaccinated with both the doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The target adult population to be vaccinated was 8,43,000 persons. The first dose has dose has been administered to 10,70,344 persons – 127% population coverage and 8,43,000 persons with the second dose – 100% coverage.

The third wave has been very transmissible infecting 20,000 Chandigarh residents in 25 days but fortunately the hospitalisation is not more than two or three percent. Suman Singh, Director, Health services (DHS), UT reasons one of the factors of low hospitalisation rate and mild symptoms can be high vaccination rate in the city. Among the hospital admissions, it was noticed that some of the patients with severe disease were not vaccinated.

No Room for Complacency

UT Adviser Dharam Pal said, “Even after achieving this milestone of 100 per cent second dose, we will continue the sincere efforts to cover more and more people, even from the adjoining areas. The UT Administration is fully prepared to deal with the ongoing case surge and each aspect is being monitored. There is no issue with regard to availability of beds in hospitals, medical oxygen and critical medicines, etc. The rates of different tests and treatment have also been rationalised in the UT.”

Prices Slashed for Covid Test

The price for rapid antigen test of Covid has been reduced from Rs 350 to Rs 100 in the UT.

Source: The Tribune