Adopt a Stray Dog, Please. Need Reasons? Here’s Six

Chandigarhians are known for their love for dogs, but they should be of ace breed. Nothing less than a labrador, dachshund, st. bernard or a boxer interests them. We love flaunting the exotic breeds at the dog show. But what about the stray dogs? Our love for the breed (read brand) has made their plight the exclusive concern of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation only. 
Recently, the Mayor Asha Jaswal appealed the NGOs and people to come forward for adopting stray dogs and intimate the office of medical officer of health of the municipal corporation if they are doing so. As many as 10 to 12 cases of dog bites are reported everyday in the city, which has around 8,000 stray dogs according to the records of the civic body.

Fortunately there are some vigilant and concerned young citizens who are doing their bit at their personal level. Manik Ahuja, Pranay Gupta and their group of friends took up an initiative to rescue abandoned pet dogs and stray dogs from the street, give them appropriate medical care and foster them in their backyards. Manik has been doing this for about four years and has seen only 7 dogs get adopted. “It is hard to convince people to adopt stray dogs because they are breed conscious” he says.

Nandini Kakkar, who is equally passionate about animals, provides financial support for this initiative. She fosters the animals in her house and gets them sterilized with the help of some kind vets in Chandigarh who offer free medical care. They take the help of social media to reach out to people and get the dogs as many homes as possible.

If you still need reason to adopt, I give you six.

  • Unconditional Love


Your all time cuddling partner.

  • BFF


That vodafone ad is no unreal!


  • For the happiness in your family



  • For the lesson on compassion and empathy



And for the selfie freaks

  • The super awwwdorable  and gorgeous selfies



  • And most importantly, THEY NEED YOU



If you do care about the animals, want to bring some joy in your life and in turn want to do good for society, just adopt a furry friend. It could be your soulmate!