7 Reasons To Attend Gaana Crossblade Music Festival This February

Living Through Music

Imagine running on the treadmill inside your gym with loud music playing in the background. Now imagine being able to smile to yourself and say, “I’ve seen this song live.” It’s such a wonderful feeling. This, and in so many other ways, music brings out different emotions inside you. Just imagine what it would be like if you got to experience the magic in person! Gaana Crossblade Music Festival powered by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films is a once-in-a-year celebration of Punjabi music amidst Punjabi music lovers. The exciting Chandigarh edition is just round the corner. Here we give you seven reasons to attend this India’s Biggest Punjabi Music Festival!

  1. Okay so for the first and most obvious reason, a massive artist lineup- You can get as close to the artists as you want to considering it’s not an assigned seating type deal. Gaana Crossblade Music Festival ensures to keep Punjabi music lovers enjoy to the fullest. Get ready to party with 30+ artists including India’s sensation Guru Randhawa, Raftaar, Milind Gaba, B Praak, Kulwinder Billa, Gurnazar, The Landers and many more.
  1. Two Stage Setup- While you are listening to live music by amazing artists, you can dance around over two huge stage setups at the venue. Which means you don’t have to be at a single place to catch all the fun!
  1. Biggest Punjabi music festival- Gaana Crossblade Music Festival is the biggest celebration ground of Punjabi music. The idea is to promote the love for the language and its music across the nation. It brings top artists and their crazy Punjabi music followers under one roof. Now imagine all the fun!
  1. There are lots of different things to do- If you don’t wish to see a particular artist and instead want to satiate your tummy, go grab a bite or something. The festival ensures to keep all the Punjabi’s out there feast on yummy snacks.  And lets be honest, what else would you be doing on a weekend? Probably sit at home. Gaana Crossblade has some cool life-size games  to rewind your old memories. It can honestly be whatever you want it to be.
  1. Instagramming- Need I say more? Go to this festival, take that pic, and post it on Instagram. There are some quirky installations too, to add to this excitement. Just imagine (or not and go actually do it)!!
  2. You get to meet TONS of new people- Not to sound stereotypical or anything like that, but everyone is really nice. I was at their festival last year and this girl saw I was all alone in the crowd so she got my attention and said, “Hey come in and join my group of friends!” Guess what we did? We coordinated and danced on all the hook steps of the famous tracks. So at Gaana Crossblade you’re sure to meet your new Punjabi bestie!
  3. The memories, the experience- Come on. I asked my mother if she would like tickets to see Gaana Crossblade last year and she said, “Oh I’ve already bought tickets to go with your father.” Honestly we can wish to be like our cool parent, or strive to become the cool mom.

Book your tickets here – bit.ly/crossbladechd2019


Date: February 23-24 (Saturday & Sunday)

Venue: JLPL, Mohali