7 Freakishly Insane April Fools’ Day Prank Ideas

April 1!!

The Official day to let loose the devil in you and play insane pranks on your family and friends. I know you’ve doing this all round the year, that makes it even more fun to do this day.

Bugs, changing time, call pranks… we have done it all! Let’s try something new. 

Here’s some insane, crazy and fun prank ideas.

Mouse Prank



Freeze Mentos in the Ice tray and Make Mentos Ice Bombs For Your Friends in these scorching days



Airhorn, though already known, still never fails!



Make Typing miserable by Keeping AUTO-CORRECT ON 



Mix Some Numbers. Replace Mom with GF maybe 



Put Clear Paint on Soap and It will Form no Lather!



For Your Oreo lover buddy. Toothpaste on Oreo



Do share with us how you played pranks this time!