7 COVID-19 Chandigarh Residents Recover. Tally Count 11 Active Cases

Seven Covid-19 patients have been discharged from the hospital after being tested negative. No fresh case has been reported from the city in the past two days.

COVID-19 patients recovered in Chandigarh are as follows:

Age (in years)GenderPatient LocationSource/Travel HistoryMarital StatusAdmitted OnAdmitted ToDischarged On
Patient No. 123FSec 21United
SingleMarch 18, 2020GMCH-32April 06, 2020
Patient No. 250+FSec 21Stage II- Mother of patient no. 1MarriedMarch 19, 2020GMCH-32April 03, 2020
Patient No. 325MSec 21Stage II- Brother of patient no. 1SingleMarch 19, 2020GMCH-32April 06, 2020
Patient No. 423MSec 19Stage II- Friend of brother of patient no. 1SingleMar 19, 2020GMCH-32April 06, 2020
Patient No. 526FSec 19United
SingleMarch 20, 2020PGIMERApril 2020
Patient No. 621MSec 38Stage II- Friend of brother of patient no. 1SingleMarch 2020GMCH-32April 06, 2020
Patient No. 722MSec 30DubaiSingleMarch 27, 2020GMCH-32April 2020

Advisory straight from the patient

The Sector 19 male resident added that symptoms were of high fever for two days, followed by cough and body aches. But, the infection should not be taken for granted as none was immune to it. Age was not the criteria. At the same time, it was possible to cure the disease. So, no patient should lose hope.


Patients were not allowed to move out of their isolation room. However, remaining in touch with family and friends while in the hospital did wonders to morale of all. All are one in their gratitude to thank all doctors for taking good care.

City Beautiful is blessed to have a caring medical fraternity.

News Source: The Tribune, MC Chandigarh.