7 Affordable Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

The table has been reserved! Your dress is ironed and you’ve already decided your makeup look. Oh, and your gift is waiting patiently in the cupboard until the moment arrives. Or is it not?

With hardly any time left for your Valentine’s Day date, are you prepared with that special gift? Valentine’s Day can be a problem if you’re on a tight budget. All the marketers send out a message to express your love with lush bouquets, expensive jewellery or big boxes of gourmet chocolates. With the clock ticking, it’s easy to worry about how to show up with nothing but a warm smile.

Well, it isn’t a big deal. Love isn’t measured in money, and expressing your emotions does not have to accompany post an empty wallet. A lot of creativity and a willingness to think outside the heart-shaped box can give conventional flowers a run for your money. Another way is to go walk besides the sparkling windows of Sector 17, with your favourite Softy Corner cone in hand. Actually, you don’t have to spend at all to enjoy celebrating love with your significant other. Here are 7 ways to show your guy/girl/person that you don’t need to go broke to show your love.

  1. Cards

The best homemade Valentine’s are, for instance:

  • If you’re an artist, draw a picture of your significant other
  • If you’re a paper artist, assemble some lace, beads, pop-up paper designs, and other materials to make a fancy card
  • If you’re a wordsmith, spill your thoughts out in a poem or a love letter
  • If you’re a graphic wizard, design and print a card or create an animated love message that you can send online
  1. Fill the room with love-note filled balloons for your significant other to pop.

Cut little slivers of paper and pen down all the things you love about your partner or about you as a couple. Fill empty balloons with as many rolled-up notes as you want, and then blow up the balloons. Spread them all over the room. At first, the balloons will just look part of V-Day’s decorations, but once popped, your little love notes will be there waiting. 

  1. Walk to watch the sunset at Sukhna Lake. 

Go on a walk to watch the sunset at your favourite Sukhna Lake. It might be chilly outside, but nothing is more romantic than sitting up besides water in front of a sunset view. 

  1. Build a cozy blanket fort for an all-day movie marathon. 

If you haven’t built a blanket fort, you’ve probably missed out on all the fun it is to make and hang out in. Set it up in front of the TV, pop some corn, and cuddle up to watch movies for as long as you want. 

  1. Cover your significant other’s mirror with post-it notes listing all things you love about him/her. 

You can make a heart shape with the notes, or arrange them out in some fun and cute ways. 

  1. Candlelit Night 

Turn off all lamps and lights, and have a candlelit night. Cook a yummy meal of all your partner’s  favourite dishes, watch a movie, or just hang out. Do so with a bunch of candles lit. They instantly make the ambiance more special. 

  1. Breakfast in bed 

Surprise your loved one with this. Specially for all the men, there is no need to spend hours making an elaborate meal. Your girl will be most happy even if you whip up something easy. I’m sure everyone knows the preparation for scrambled eggs. Bonus points if you can plate anything into a heart shape.