5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Chandigarh if You are Single

single valentine day

Well, well, it’s Valentine’s Day just around the corner. All the lovey-dovey couples must be busy making plans for making the day special. The malls are being adorned like princesses to celebrate the festival of love welcoming all the twosomes. No body can escape cupid’s arrows on February 14. But hey, there are some solitary souls who are not hooked up on that fortunate day.

So this post is dedicated to all the singles in the city beautiful. No, you do not need to fret and stay aloof. After all, what is the fun in being locked up, when everybody else is celebrating? Keep heart and venture outwards. You never know, your loved one might just be waiting for you out there somewhere. And guess what? Chandigarh is one of the UTs with the highest number of love marriages.

So how can you celebrate Valentine’s Day if you single and in Chandigarh? You could indulge yourself in various activities if you feel like.

Go for a Long Drive on Gedi Route and Drop For a Drink in Brew Estate

So if you are feeling lonely, why not go for a ride? So where do you want to cruise around? When your city boasts of a popular trail like Gedi route, then you need not head anywhere. Why not invite your besties along as well? The evening breeze of the spring season makes the ride more enticing. Then you could head towards Brew Estate in Elante and drink the night away with your bosom buddies.


Hang out in Elante

Industrial Area Phase – I has a lot of hangout zones, but nothing beats Elante. The party culture is awesome. It is jam-packed with young couples on Feb. 14. But if you are single, then that should not stop you from heading towards Elante. Not only is it a great place to enjoy drinks, you could even indulge yourself in ten-pin bowling at Smaaash or order yourself a hearty BBQ at Pirates of Grill. In addition to this, Valentine’s going to be special for singles. Exciting surprises are in store for those shopping alone on Valentine’s Day and many more.

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Visit the Rose Garden and then Head Towards Sec – 17 for a Softy

Rose flowers have always been synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Why not head towards Dr. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden and enjoy your evening there? The lights, the shadowy surroundings and the spring breeze just mesmerize your soul. Enamored by the stillness of the approaching night, you will be able to feel the sublime passion in your heart, and who knows you might come across the love of your life in the premises of the garden itself.

Oh, and don’t forget grabbing a triple flavoured softy at Sector – 17!

An Outing in Pinjore Gardens

Pinjore gardens offer a serene view. If you want to fall in love all over again, this is the place to be. However, it’s falling in love with nature here. The foothills of Himalays, the vast expanse of the gardens and pristine touch of nature, is a haven for all those lonely souls who seek refuge. Best place to hang out on Valentine’s day if you wish not to be disturbed by hubbub of love-birds.

& Not to MISS – Seek the Blessings of Babaji in Gurudwara Amb Sahib

Amb Sahib is the perfect place to be on this Valentine’s Day. As majority of the temples would be crowded on Feb. 14 because of Shivaratri, it would be recommendable if you headed down Mohali and snuggle in the Gurudwara, seeking the blessings of Babaji, so that you can meet the love of your life. The quietness and calmness of the premises and the surroundings will certainly heal your soul from the pain of loneliness.

Remember, single means always ready to mingle. So go ahead and make your plans for Valentine’s Day.


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