4 Eating Joints in Chandigarh That No Street Food Lover Can Ever Miss

I will begin by asking one simple question from all my dear readers.

What is that one thing that is absolutely necessary for our survival?

Oh !Yes!Yes! It is The OXYGEN. But, I am asking you guys, to name a tangible thing without whom we cannot survive.

Think… Think… Think…

Just give your brain a little jolt. Hopefully, you guys have not gone into some kind of philosophical zone.

Fine…. I think I will answer this myself.

It is ‘The Food’ .

But, do we actually give FOOD the importance it deserves? Actually it is the most neglected aspect in our lives. It just keeps on shuffling at the back of our minds, but it is never on our list of priorities. I am sure you all will agree with me on this.

Food is not only a feast for our gastronomic enzymes, but it is a treat for our eyes and for our sense of smell as well. Now whenever you will gorge your favorite food delicacy, you should take a while to acknowledge it the same way as you acknowledge some beautiful canvas or your kind of music. Then, I think we all will be able to give the art of cooking its long pending adulation.

Come and join me in my journey to explore some of these wonderful street food cookery artists from Chandigarh who are exceptionally brilliant in their craft and the delicacies they prepare are simple yet aaaammmaaazzinng!!!!

  • Go For Gol! Gol! Golgappas

You all must be wondering what is so special about Golgappas .Why are we even discussing it when it is available at every nook and corner in our country?

But, if you live in Chandigarh then you should try the SAAT PAANI waale golgappe from Ram Chat Bhandar at sector 34He is the best in his field. For golgappas, my loyalty is with him and I can bet when you guys will discover him you will not go anywhere else. Go…Go..Hurry up don’t miss this.

Address: Booth No 75 sector 34 C  Chandigarh. In the main market.

Image result for golgappa eating gif

  • Yumilicious Soya Chaap

You might have had soya chaap at the best of the restaurants. But, here is this one family that owns Swarn Dhaba. They have been preparing this amazing soya kheema subzi with soya chaap since generations.Believe you me no one can beat them in their recipe.If you want to try it then Tuesday is the day for you because it is the only day they prepare it for lunch and dinner. Don’t forget to grab it.

Address: Swarn Dhaba, Booth no 14/15 at sector 30-C, Chandigarh.

swarn 2

  • Rajasthani Special Kachori

The place to have the most authentic and delicious Rajasthani Kachori is The Shiv Misthan Bhandar. They have dal kachori and payaz kachori.My favorite is dal kachori served with both green and red chutney.Go and discover your kind of kachori there.I can guarantee that you will forget all other places for kachori.

Address:  The Shiv Misthan Bhandar Shop No 32, sector 18-C Chandigarh.

besan-kachori-810 (1)

  • Apni Punjabi Desi Khoya Burfi

No occasion is complete in Punjab without our desi khoya burfi.Himachal Sweets ,Booth no 251 sector 34 C Chandigarh is the best place to reach for it .Surprisingly the  owners are professional wrestlers. Hence it is all the more commendable on their part to make such delicious sweets.They don’t have a fancy set up like the other upmarket sweet shops but they are able to sell all their products by 6 p.m in the evening.This is the loyalty of their customers for their products.Once you have khoya burfi from this place you will not have it from anywhere else.Their preparation is pure and delicious.


What are you waiting for?

Come on hurry up …You Don’t need a fancy attire to reach these places. Just be your usual self and grab these delicacies. Before these brilliant Chefs are done with their day.



Image Credits:Google Images