16 Chubti Jalti Memes To Soothe Your Soul That’s Been Burnt By The Scorching Summer

Roses are red. Violets are blue. I’m drowning in sweat. Dekh mera mooh.

  • When you discover new sweat glands each day.

  • Burning. Butt is burning.

  • Just gonna stand there, watch me burn.
  • When your face screams in protest.
  • Just another day in the life of a Chandigarhian.
  • Grooming and summer are not the best of friends.
  • When it feels like the sun is directly aligned over Chandigarh.
  • Summer, why don’t you let me be pretty?
  • One car ride. Aaannd..I’m two-face.
  • Baking up in the morning to this nightmare.
  • There are heat waves inside my organs.
  • I wish there were A/C roads.
  • Discovering more sweat glands by the minutes.
  • BRB. Just making a short trip to hell.
  • Accurate picture of me, every summer evening.
  • Pretty sure God points at Chandigarh and says “Dracarys!”.