112 Soon to Become Chandigarh’s 911

Whenever we watch any Hollywood movie, first thing we see and wish ‘Atleast this thing should be there in India too.’ And, that’s 911 – A single number for any kind of emergencies!

Chandigarh, maintaining its tradition of being the most progressive citizen-centric city, has decided to create such a facility for its residents. Soon, Chandigarh residents will just need to dial 112 for any kind of emergency.

At present we need to dial different numbers for different kinds of emergencies; 100 for the police, 101 for the Fire Department and 102 for the ambulance service. A trial run of the number has already been done and it will be made functional in a month.   

The call will be received at the Police Control Room. Police personnel at the control room, if required, will direct the call to the department concerned immediately for help. An awareness drive will be held once the number is launched for the convenience of the residents. Also, the number will be printed on all PCR vehicles and at police stations.


Image Credits: Google Images

Coverage: The Tribune