10 Things Every Psychology Student Is Fed-Up Of Listening To

psychology student

Psychology is a tough nut to crack for non-psychology people. The kind of reactions psychology students get from others make them have a psychotic nervous breakdown themselves!

See, the kind of torture psychology students have to undergo.

“Is it even a real science?”

That sneering remark that generally comes from medicine and engineering students! How badly you wish if you had a gun in your hand and shoot them right then and there itself.

“Psychology??!!! So, tell me what am I thinking right now?” 

Gosh! What do they think you are? A psychic?


“Are you psychoanalyzing me?”

Suddenly you are seen as a weirdo who is always busy judging and analysing others behavior. C’mon!

The Life Of A Psychology Major, As Told By Disney GIFs


“I’m so depressed. Please help me.”

And, everyone from your least known aunt to your friends begin to share their problems, shed tears for hours at length and expect you to give them a therapy or something! God! Give me a break!

“So, what did this Freud say again?”

Somewhere they vaguely read about Sigmund Freud and the Oedipal complex, now they want to discuss him for only one reason – the importance he gave to sexual instincts in personality development! Grow up, guys!

“I’m having a panic attack”

It frustrates you when people go about using psychological terms without knowing what they mean. Paranoid, Psycho, OCD… Come on people! They are real psycho-abnormalities for god sake!


 “So, you read about same regular stuff.”

Your course of study involves emotions, intelligence, personality, but nobody appreciates the depth of your study.

The Life Of A Psychology Major, As Told By Disney GIFs


“You are so girly!”

Guys studying psychology have the toughest time.


Still, you do have your fun…

You do try to conduct ‘unofficial experiments’ on your friends. Adding a reinforcement, removing one, you know how to get back at them.



Star of the Gang

Nobody understands love, friendship, relationships better than you. Others might not say it on your face, but believe me you are the star of your gang. Everybody straightens up the moment you enter the scene.


Enjoy being a mystery to the world, guys! Baffle them and you stay amused!

psychology student