10 Reasons Why Chinese Cuisine Market in Sector 15 is Foodies Paradise

Chinese Cuisine!

I bet you are already drooling!

We Chinese food lovers are blessed to have lavish and expensive dining restaurants here in our very own Chandigarh, but eating in booths around the city is no less than a royal tasting experience.

We have our own little China town right in midst of us. Yes, I am talking about the Chinese Cuisine Market of Sector 15.  Let’s have a look why it is our favorite hangout point.

Lip-Smacking Super Delicious

The food that you’ll get in here is super delicious. Be it Chilly Potato, Manchurian or Chowmein everything tastes good. They also serve many gravy dishes like Noodles with gravy or Chilly Cheese with gravy or dry additionally soups and momos are also available.

Suits our Pocket

Yes being students that too away from home in some cases it becomes difficult for us to keep a track on our pocket as well as enjoy new things. So this place gives us an ideal option of spending less and eating more. The prices start from 40-50 bucks for every half plate dish and the quantity offered in the half plate dish is quite good. Once you’ll eat here you’ll be thoroughly satisfied.

Lavish Feast That too Economical

Like I said the quantity of food is good and the prices are nominal too. One plate of fried rice can be shared by two people at the same time and you can still find your stomach filled. Also if you are bored by the mainstream Chinese food you can also try the paranthas that these people make and bet you everything tastes delicious.
Commendable Service

The workers of the place are a part of youth like us and they provide you with great service and the food presentation is good as well. The service is quick and your order reaches your table in about 15 minutes of ordering it. They are pretty fast at it. Also the workers are honest in themselves and they do not quote wrong or tampered prices which makes this place even more reliable.
Variety to Choose From

Once you enter this area you have plethora of choices to select from. Also even sometimes you get confused as to what you should eat and what you should leave. Ranging from Vegetarian to Non Vegetarian food you get everything here. Also you get to eat many types of parathas here and yes to go with it you can have different shakes as well.
Affordable, All Through the week

As the prices of the place are low you can make a weekly or daily pilgrimage to this place. Also you can make it a cool hangout spot where after shopping you can grab some bites and fill your stomach in less prices. Being students it doesn’t cost too much and your whole group can chip in, eat and can make merry.
Consistency of Unparalleled Taste

This pointer is what makes the eating hub more popular amongst everyone. Everytime you visit this place you’ll be amused by the same price, same taste of the food and same hospitality of the workers. This place is consistent in its service and quality and they never compromise with it. This is what makes it even more wanted and desired option.
Easily Accessible

You can easily approach this place as it is in the central area. It is the core of Patel Market in Sector 15 and you can even ask about the direction to the food market and would never be disappointed because everybody knows it too well.
Home Delivery Available

If you want to pamper your taste buds with amazing food but don’t feel like coming up you can rightly order your food and they will deliver it to you. They deliver food above than 300 bucks and the delivery cost costs nothing. Delivery’s free folks.
9 to 9 Open

The major advantage of this place is that it is always open and you can eat here on all week days and on all weekends. It attracts many students as Sundays are always free and you can dine at this very place every weekend. Supposedly from 9 in the morning to 9 in the night you can even have your breakfast and dinner at the same place. Just because of this major positive point, this food market is doing really very well from all these years.

It’s a SIN if you don’t try the following:

  • Honey Chilly Potato
  • Fried Cheese Momos
  • Fried Chicken Momos
  • Chowmein
  • Singaporean Noodles
  • Chilly Cheese with Fried rice or Chowmein


If you are a foodie like me then you must dig in this place.

ADDED BONUS: Shopping at Sector 15’s Patel Market! 


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