10 Least Known MUST Visit Places In & Around Shimla

What comes to your mind when you think of Shimla?

Mountains, Peace, Mall Road, Christ Church, The Ridge. What else?

And are you bored running on the same errands in Shimla?

Do you really want to get in touch with the real beauty of Shimla.

Do you want to really want to explore Shimla?

If yes, then have a look at the least known places of Shimla and next time when you plan your trip do add these places on your bucket list.

Jakhu Temple

jakhu temple

Situated at the height of about 8500 ft. in the east of the historical ridge, the temple has an interesting legend to it. It is said when lord Hanuman disappeared, an idol of lord Hanuman appeared by itself and is present in the temple till date.

The temple was constructed by the Yaaku sage.

If not for prayers, do visit the temple as it offers a mesmerising panoramic view of the Shivalik Ranges and the town of Sanjauli.

Potter’s Hill

potters hill
Situated on one of the seven hills of Shimla, this place is a perfect getaway for those who love nature and want to stay close to it. Potter’s Hill is located in Summer Hill area of Shimla and on your way to this ideal location you will come across the “JAB WE MET” railway station. Even this railway station is quite famous and many bollywood movies have been shot there and while going to this place you’ll find Rododendron tree which are full of red flowers at this time of the year.


Mohan Heritage Park

Situated in Salogda, 6 km away from the Highway, this place is a heaven for those who love religious places and those who love architecture. This place has a colossal structure and is basically a temple to say but it has so much more to it. Peace, tranquility and the view is amazing.
Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

ad st1
This place doesn’t need any introduction. With the feels of British Raj and British Architecture this place was once the residence of Viceroy on his visits to Shimla, the Summer Capital of that time. Decorated with palatial palace and with green gardens, you’ll feel as if you’ve transported to some other era of class and elegance. This place is easy to go to and you’ll get many cabs from where you can get to this place.

Dhingu Mata Mandir

Being dev bhoomi Himachal has a lot of time but this is one of them.

Dhingu mata temple is situated in Sanjauli which is the heart of Shimla. You’ll find Adidas, Puma, Brands and Bargain and many eating joints in this place. The temple is dedicated to a goddess and is situated right in a hill. Think how great can that be. Snow clad Mountains right in front of your eyes.


Shimla Kufri
Well, many of you would be acquainted to this place but it is much more than that. Trust me, you can deeply drown in the beauty of the mountains at this place. It has amusements parks like Kufri Fun World, Kufri Fun Campus and Hip Hip Hurray. Also horse riding is common in this area. Also you can click pictures a lot of them just here and there around the area because of its scenic beauty.

Hassan Valley

This place is meant for those people who have a taste for scenic beauty and a favorite picnic spot. On the way to Kufri you can take a moment and please your eyes with the breadth taking view that the place serves.

Hatu Peak

hatu peak
Well, 69kms away from Shimla, this place cannot be expressed in words. To understand that you must visit in here. It’s a feeling that can o my be felt. Basically it is a temple but situated on a high mountain. It has traditional Himachali Architecture and also the place depicts actual pahadi culture.
Bhimakali Temple

This is a temple exclusively dedicated to goddess Bhimakali. Situated 166kms away from Shimla. This place is the true portrayal of heaven on earth and it is as beautiful as the abode of god itself. Going through Kufri, Narkanda and Rampur Bushar Bhimakali temple, Sarahan is a humble dwelling and has some strict rules to follow. But this place is a must visit.
Dorje Drak Buddhist Monastery

On the way to Dhingu Mata Temple you can also take a dig at the Buddhist monastery in Sanjauli. You’ll be awestruck to see the mountains and the sky meeting and kissing each other. The Buddhist Monastery has a lot with it. You’ll really find peace and can sit there for hours as the aura of this place is such.

Well wel, next time when you’ll head to Shimla, DON’T FORGET TO VISIT THESE PLACES FOR THEY ARE A LIT. Going to these places will really change your view point of Shimla city on the whole.



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