Over ₹ 4 Crore in Fine & 1 Lakh Challans – That’s 2017 Figures For Chandigarh Traffic Rules Violation


UT Chandigarh Traffic Police is no less than the famous Scotland Yard’s known for its persistence and high regard for maintaining law and order. This is the reason non-Chandigarhians straighten their backs the moment they enter Chandigarh.

Chandigarh traffic police has recently released data which says that in the year 2017, as many as 1.2 lakh people (1,22,746) were challaned for various offenses in the city and a total of Rs 4.59 crore (Rs 4,59,11,810) was collected as fine.

It is equally incredible to know that these figures are just half as were in 2016. In 2016, 2.5 lakh people (2,58,524) were challaned and Rs 8.87 crore fine was collected.

Traffic rules violations in Chandigarh as revealed by UT Chandigarh Traffic Police:

  • Challans issued in 2017 and fine collected is almost half as in 2016.
  • For two years in a row, (2016 & 2017), maximum challans were issued for riding a two-wheeler without wearing helmet.
  • Year 2017 had more parking violations and drunken driving than 2016.
Kind of Offence No. of Challans in Year 2017 No. of Challans in Year 2016
Without Helmet 33,584  fig. not availables
Wrong Parking 11,309 9,955
Drunken driving 6,395 5,033
Triple riding 2,401   fig. not availables 
Four-wheelers without seat belts 7,023   fig. not availables 
Driving while listening to music on mobile phones 1,985   fig. not availables 
Miscellaneous offenses, (including putting their vehicles on zebra crossing, driving with high beam on and while playing music on high volume) 61,492 59,345


But, the traffic police’s records of the past five years reveal that the number of challans have reduced over the period. Also the revenue earned by the traffic police through collection of compounding fee for the fines has also witnessed a dip over the last two years.

Year No. of Challans
2015 2.91 lakh
2016 2.58 lakh
2017 1.22 lakh


Source: The Indian Express

Image Credits: Google Images