The water level in Sukhna Lake is 10 feet lower than the ideal marked for the lake, the lowest in last three years. Patches of parched land is visible at many points in the lake and people can be seen posing on that land.

Currently it is 1,153 feet (from sea level). Ideally it should be 13 ft. The water level was recorded at 1,154.70 ft (from sea level) in April 2016 while it was 1,154.35 ft (from sea level) in 2015.

Another two feet dip in the water level will mean no boating at all in the lake.

Why Sukhna Lake Water is Receding?

There are two reasons for the same:

  • Sand deposits have reduced water holding capacity
  • Evaporation and poor rain

Steps Taken So far

The UT administration started supplying water from seven tubewells to fill the lake which was supposed to raise water level by half-a-feet. Resultingly, water supply in sectors 19,20, 26 and 30 has reduced by 2MGD per day (1 crore litre). And it has costed Rs. 12 lakh so far. 

Now, on directions of Punjab & Haryana High Court, a committee of experts has been constituted to suggest ways to save the lake.


Source: Hindustan Times

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