Bringing much needed relief to the common man suffering from ‘demonitisation distress’, the Chandigarh State Agriculture Marketing Board has decided to provide card swipe machines to vegetable vendors at Grain Market in Sector 26 and other kisan mandis in the UT.

“The card swipe machines will be provided by HDFC bank. If a vendor does not have a bank account, it will be opened on the spot”, said Virender Chaudhary, Joint Secretary of the Board. “This measure is meant to address the problems of ordinary people of the city,” he added.

Deputy Commissioner Ajit Balaji Joshi, who heads the board, has also decided that apni mandis would be held everyday at eight locations. The board will hold mandis in Sectors 43, 39, 46, 34, 24, 40, Maloya Colony and Dhanas. The items of daily needs such as vegetables, fruits and milk products will be made available at these mandis everyday.

The UT Administration in collaboration with the Chandiarh Cooperative Bank has also introduced mobile grocery stores at the places where mandis are organised.

Under this initiative, grocery items will be sold accepting debit and credit cards at the mobile grocery stores. The stores will offer all items, including grains.

After the Helpline, this initiative of Chandigarh Administration deserves to be applauded.

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News Coverage: The Indian Express


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