December 2016, Indian Supreme Court gave a landmark verdict to control road accidents on highways. The judgment banned serving of liquor within 500mts of state and national highways post March 31, 2017. It highlighted the easy availability of liquor around highways as the prime reason of road accidents due to drunken driving. 

The judgment has received mixed public reactions. With many cheering it as a progressive step to ensure women’s safety on roads, checking domestic violence and maintaining public health, others are fuming with anger for hospitality sector being hit, employment opportunities going down and loss to state exchequer. 

But, we Indians always manage to find a reason to laugh whatever the situation is. 

Similarly, the twitterati has gone crazy over the judgment with quirky tweets all over and the internet world can’t get enough of them. 

You too have a hearty laugh. 

Aren’t we Indians JUGAADU? 

liquor ban tweet

Who’s going to rewrite the metric system?



Looks Familiar, right?

Always the wittiest one!

Another Jugaadu!


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