Finally, Activa Stealing Gang of Three Nabbed by Chandigarh Police

Two-wheelers, especially Activa has been the most favorite pick of thieves around the tricity and recently the theft cases had been on a rise. Notwithstanding the physical patrolling and electronic surveillance through CCTV cameras at various locations, as many as 124 two-wheelers have been stolen in the city during the

Chandigarh Police to Wear Body Cameras Now. Better Behave

Chandigarh Police is counted amongst the best in the country and there's one more reason to it to affirm its coveted status - SMART & TRANSPARENT POLICING. Chandigarh cops will now be seen wearing cameras near their chests and shoulders, no bigger than a normal mobile phone. They will be recording

Challan on Your Phone the Moment You Jump Traffic Lights in Chandigarh

You are driving... red light... you look traffic cop around...and you zoom away. Isn't this your everyday story? I bet it is, if not everyone's but almost everyone's. The pride, happiness, relief sometimes of having safely jumped a red light and that too without being caught... Well, your boasting days are