In what is seen as a revolutionary step to improve the education system in government schools in Punjab and girls education in Punjab, Punjab’s Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh announced plethora of steps that the government will work on starting this fiscal year. 

The announcements include:

  • Free education for girls in government schools and colleges from Nursery to PhD.
  • Free textbooks will be provided to all students in government schools from the next academic session.
  • Books will also be made available online from where students can download for free.
  • Nursery and LKG classes will be reintroduced in government schools from next year. 
  • Free Wi-FI for 13,000 primary schools and all 48 government colleges.
  • To promote English in schools, Singh further announced a pilot project from next month in all government schools.
  • Five new colleges would be set up in the state during this fiscal year.

According to the census of India 2011, the literacy rate in Punjab is 75.84% which is better than the national average of 73.0%. The total number of literates in Punjab is 1,87,07,137. The male literacy rate is 80.44% and female literacy rate is 70.73%. 

These progressive steps are definitely going to turn the tide in the gloomy state of education in Punjab government schools and inspire women empowerment drive.


Source: The Indian Express

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