E-governance has been the 21st century way of administrative functions. Making the citizens active participants in efficient governance, the government has transformed itself from the role of transactional ruler to democratic or participative leader. Administration is now focused on simple efficient, transparent and accountable service delivery.

A remarkable initiative in strengthening e-governance in Chandigarh, a new mobile app has been launched that links Jan Dhan accounts, mobile phone numbers and Aadhar cards of city residents. The Aadhaar cards of property owners will be linked and details of all the properties that are registered in Chandigarh will appear on the app. It is an extension of central government’s JAM Trinity. 

JAM (Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and mobile) app, an android application has been developed with the assistance of SAMSUNG, Mobicule by Chandigarh e-Governance Society which carries all the functionalities in a single system.

Twosome features of the App

  • To achieve conclusive land titling
  • To enable easy field verifications like certificate systems, registration of properties, linking of Aadhaar with bank accounts, authenticated child immunisation system, tracking of arms and ammunition, licensing and providing mechanism to capture GPS coordinates of the actual location where the verification process is performed.

Objective of the App

  • authenticate the genuineness of the property owner
  • cut out all the intermediaries
  • reduce the channel of corruption

Install the app and start JAMming!





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