PIZZA! You can call this the “Food of Gods”. A mere thought of this delicacy makes us salivate. An image of a pizza full of cheese and toppings just pops up in our head as soon as someone even mentions this word.

It is the best kind of comfort food that exists in the culinary world. We are grateful to its creators.

Pizza is loved by one and all, over the world. We want it anytime and anywhere. So, apart from our traditional Domino’s & Pizza Hut let’s have look at these amazing Pizza joints to tickle our “pizza buds”.




Located in Sector-35C, this pizza diner is a must try for every pizza worshiper out there. They have a vast varieties of pizzas in their menu & they are absolutely mouthwatering.

Must try: Peri Peri veg & non-veg pizza





A vegetarian place with authentic Mediterranean ambience and classy yesteryear’s pizzeria feel, this is a must try. You can find this outdoor pizza place in Sector-10D market near the coal depot.

Must try:  Farmhouse Pizza and Banoffee Pie





This little booth in Sector-8B inner market is for everyone who likes to have their pizza on the go. It’s a drive-thru famous for its toppings and handmade pizza dough.

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Must try: Pizza cones




If you like to customize your pizza, here we have a small pizza parlour in Sector-10D which offers a variety of choices at pocket-friendly prices.

Must try: “My big fat pizza” with all the toppings





This small outlet makes its presence felt in Sector-32D, with its express delivery, good quality and cheap rates to cater to needs of all.

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Must try: Woodcutter’s Pizza


We all need pizza once in a while, don’t we? A pizza box is something like happiness on your lap. And these places celebrate our mutual love for pizza perfectly.

Do you know some more pizza outlets? Share with Chandigarh, folks!

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