The whole university, including the shops within the campus are closed today. The students are protesting against fee hike and gathered in front of VC office, raising slogans.


A scuffle between the police and protesting students also happened where students threw stones on police and the latter used tear gas and water canon to contain the agitating students. But the situation was brought under control within minutes. Students continued raising slogans and demanding that the fee hike be rolled back.

It is advised to skip the route around Gate no. 1 of PU



1. Total Rollback of Fee Hike 
2. Not to detain Roll number of any student on attendance issue.
3. Regularisation of irregular staff.
4. Ban Police Entry in University premises.
5. Complete Student Teacher Ratio.
6. Stop Decreasing Seats in certain courses which University Did.

Precautionary Steps Taken by Police:

  • It is said that as a precautionary measure, hostels would be checked tonight, in a joint exercise with the police, to ensure no outsiders were staying. This was to prevent any untoward incident during the bandh.
  • The Chief Security Officer of the PU gave a letter to the UT SSP on Monday to ensure proper security.


Image Credits: Daily Post

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