Commuters commuting around the tricity are having a tough time.

With the intent to generate more revenue, Haryana government has increased the tax on commercial vehicles entering the state from Rs. 3000 for 3 months to Rs. 9000 for the same period. 

The commuters whose daily travel had become easier and more comfortable with many cabs available are now feeling the heat the most. The cab drivers, with Chandigarh and Punjab registered number, fearing a hefty fine of Rs. 20,000 if found flouting the new law have chosen to skip the route altogether. They either outrightly decline the ride if the destination is in Panchkula or drop them at the border.

“We start driving early morning and whole day we are driving even then by evening we struggle to complete our daily targets.”

Manoj Kumar, uber cab driver, shared, “Paying them Rs. 9000 will be a big blow to our families. We start driving early morning and whole day we are driving even then by evening we struggle to complete our daily targets. We can’t afford to stand in long queues daily to pay Rs. 100 daily at the tax collection booth. It’s better we don’t drive in the state.” He also adds, “Our rides from Chandigarh Railway station has also tremendously gone down due to this reason as the station falls in Panchkula.”

Supriya who commutes daily from Sector 7 Panchkula to Industrial Area- 2, Chandigarh shares that she books her cab ride till Fun Republic daily in the evening and from there her husband comes to pick her up.

The increase sounds rather irrational! Hope the issue is resolved soon. 


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