Folks, have you heard about the Books and Brew Café in Chandigarh? If not, then I will urge you all to visit this place.

If not for anything else, just to acknowledge the beautiful artwork at their entrance.

I being an art lover myself was startled seeing the canvas created by the young and talented Vivitsa Kohli on the walls of the café.

The serene Chandigarh environs have inspired and groomed many wonderful artists. And, this article is my endeavor to bring their artworks to you and tempt you to follow their fearless strokes on canvas.



This young girl from Chandigarh has won a National Award in painting at the mere age of 16. Painting is her passion and she paints anything and everything (literally). She is the one who has designed the entrance of ‘Books and Brew Café ‘ in Chandigarh. 

Amazing isn’t it!


  • Paintings By Guriqbal


An alumnus of Government College Of Art, Chandigarh and a proud owner of a successful advertising company. He has never allowed his passion for painting to take back seat in his life.

He feels that the city should be lively and should live and breathe along with their city dwellers. His canvas has always been the mirror image of his emotions.



  • Anu Singh: A Painter displaying her love for the mother nature

anu singh

Anu Singh has always put her love for the mother nature on her canvas. Her display of work at Government Museum and Art Gallery Chandigarh was also named as nature walk. Her Krishna paintings are quite popular with the art lovers.


  • Painter with thread being his metaphor: Hardev Singh


His paintings signify a unique character of its own and he never misses even a single point in conveying a social message through his work. Photography is an another talent he is a master of.



  • Painter displaying all forms of mankind: Gurdeep Sharma


Gurdeep Sharma our very own painter from the city has displayed all forms of mankind quite elaborately in his work. Whether motherhood or spirituality his work says it all.



Isn’t their work amazing? What do you think guys?

This is just a glimpse of some of their art-pieces. Their contribution as painters to world of art is immense. These painters have always brought pride to the city beautiful and have taken Chandigarh to both national and international platforms.


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