Getting a job done in any sarkari office has been a nightmare for any citizen, but the e-governance has come as a big relief for everyone. Bridging the gulf between the administration and the citizenry, e-governance policies are reducing the workload of the officers and making the citizens to get their jobs done speedily without much hiccups.

In yet another such initiative the National Informatics Centre (NIC) is coming up with a software, “Vahan 4.0” with a twin purpose of making the vehicles’ registration simpler and check corruption in the Transport Department.

As per Vahan 4.0, everything from vehicle registration to getting the registration certificate will be done at the dealers’ end. The consumers are not required to pay even a single visit to transport office. The system is currently in the trial phase and will soon be launched as a pilot project in Panchkula, before being implemented across Haryana. At present, Delhi is the only state where the system has been implemented on a pilot basis.

The system is ready and in the final stage of testing. It will soon be launched as a pilot project in Panchkula but for that a major challenge of training dealers will have to be dealt with.

How is Vahan 4.0 going to work?

The vehicle manufacturer will push along all the data such as engine number, chassis number and date of manufacturing whenever a vehicle is sent to the dealer. The latter will only be required to enter the registration number along with the buyer’s details. 

At present, many states such as the neighbouring Punjab and UT Chandigarh, have implemented a system where a buyer can apply for the RC at the dealer’s end. Here, the data is entered manually and sent to the Transport Department offline, which is entered in the records and an RC is issued. Vahan 4.0, however, makes the whole process online.

Sarathi – A system for easy procurement of Driving License

Not many know that there is already a system in place where you can easily apply for a new and renew driving license.

Known as “Sarathi”, the software helps a user through its website to fill in his details and apply for a new licence, renew it, make payments and book appointments for driving tests. The challenge being faced by “Sarthi” is that not many people know about it and use it even after a year of being in place. 

What are going to be the benefits of Vahan 4.0?

  • No need to visit Transport Department office, everything from vehicle registration to getting the registration certificate will be done at the dealers’ end.
  • The whole process is online.
  • Prevent human error in manually entering data.
  • Bring in transparency by preventing any corruption at the transport office.
  • Reduction in data entry workload at the transport office.


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Source: The Tribune

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