Good News| Facebook New Feature Connects Blood Donors With Those in Need

Facebook users, you might have noticed in your news feed a message with blood donation.

That’s a new feature of Facebook where the social media giant is using its enormous reach to connect blood donora with people in need of blood. It is lending a hand to help solve India’s safe blood shortage.

The new feature began its operations on October 11 India’s National Blood Donation Day.  Facebook promises to keep your details private, but you can choose to share a simple donor status with others on the timeline.

How does it work?

♦ Facebook users can sign up to become donors via their profile or by clicking on a designated promo message on the News Feed.

♦ The tool will ask you to submit info, such as your blood type and whether you’ve donated blood before.

♦ Facebook will then automatically notify nearby donors to get involved or help spread the word.

♦ After reviewing the post, donors will be able to respond to the request directly through WhatsApp, Messenger, or a phone call.

♦ Facebook promises to keep your details private, but you can choose to share a simple donor status with others on the timeline.

♦ The company seems to be aping Google’s mobile-first approach to the region, as the tool is only available on Android and the mobile web for now.


Back in 2012, Facebook conducted a similar drive to sign people up for organ donation. And its News Feed alerts to register to vote were shown to have helped get 2 million people registered, as reported by Techcrunch.

ChandigarhX appreciates Facebook’s humanitarian initiative for providing the platform bringing out the humane self and in the process gives new lease of life through this feature.

Sign up now. Your one step can save a life. 


News Source: Engadget

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