If you thought India’s Prime Minister only gets complaints and requests to intervene in administrative matters to hasten their pace, well you are here for a surprise.

PM Narendra Modi receives all sorts of requests, some as silly as providing helicopters to  Chandigarh police so that it reaches crime scene well in time, considering Chandigarh is just 114 sq km in geographical  spread and  with a population of a little over 1 million.

Recently, a Chandigarh’s MAJNOO has written to the PM himself to help him in getting married to his girlfriend!

He is a mechanical engineering student and his beloved is a nurse. He has requested the PM to send a volunteer to Chandigarh to convince parents on both sides to agree to the marriage.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has a centralized public grievance redress and a monitoring system, which gets sorted every day. The concerned state and city administration receives the complaints where they are addressed on priority basis. The Chandigarh administration receives around 400 grievances through the PMO’s grievance system every month and some are like kindergarten complaints. ‘Sir, usne mere garden se meri permission ke bina flowers tode.’

C’mon grow up, Chandigarh! 

Atleast the good part is such bizarre complaints bring a smile on the faces of these officials and ours too, right? 


Source: Times of India

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Chandigarh Swachh Survekshan 2017

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