You must have heard TV shows calling out all sorts of talents to showcase on reality shows, but by and large, YouTube has been one medium that has turned the unknown into a celebrity. There’s no dearth of incredibly amazing content on YouTube from every corner of the world, but surprisingly, Punjabi content is lagging behind.

Punjabi music undoubtedly rule the YouTube charts, but are we just music?

This is the question that has struck YouTube and it has kickstarted a campaign to encourage new content creators from the region. The campaign name is “See Something New from Chandigarh”.

With an increase in Punjabi content on YouTube in 2016, the website’s main focus in 2017 will be to nurture budding creators from Punjab and Chandigarh,” said Satya Raghvan, head of entertainment content for YouTube in India. “We have taken along with us eight fastest growing creators and have started the campaign. Chandigarh is the first city, from where we are launching our campaign, as the city represents new,” he added. 

Create your YouTube Channel and share stories in and around Chandigarh. The world wants to know us. Let’s give them a virtual tour of our City Beautiful, share little known facts and stories from the region.


Source: The Indian Express

Image Credits: Google Images


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