Chandigarh Police is counted amongst the best in the country and there’s one more reason to it to affirm its coveted status – SMART & TRANSPARENT POLICING.

Chandigarh cops will now be seen wearing cameras near their chests and shoulders, no bigger than a normal mobile phone. They will be recording on the spot facts in HD quality photographs, sound recording and videos for top cops supervision.

The move will definitely make the policing responsible, vigilant, accountable and the people themselves more cautious in dealing with the police. The whole purpose of these camera is for aiding in investigation, especially during misbehaving incidents at check-posts, protests, accidents and other spots.


  • Multiple video recording resolutions with MPEG4 video format, fast forward and rewind from 2X to 64X
  • built-in microphone with high-quality audio and MP3 audio format
  • video camera with 21 mega-pixel camera, optional burst shot (three or five photos), continuous recording time of 600 minutes
  • storage capacity upto 64GB
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) supported device
  • 10-metre night vision camera
  • waterproof
  • 2,500 mAH battery with a life of a minimum 10-hours.


 This January, Chandigarh police had a trial run with four such devices and now satisfied with results, police is expanding the project. 
Source: Times of India
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