Apart from the clean and green environs, Chandigarh has always boasted about its exquisite road culture and the Chandigarh Traffic Police deserves all the credit for making this possible. Time and again, it also updated and modernised its enforcement mechanism to ensure better compliance of traffic rules, but that too causing least discomfort to the people. Smart cards for Registration cards and Driving licenses are one such laudable initiative in force since 2009.

Panchkula is also ready to tread on these footsteps.

Panchkula administration has decided to issue smart cards for Registration cards and Driving licenses and with this, Panchkula will become the first district in Haryana to do that. Rosemerta Technologies, a Gurgaon-based IT firm, has been awarded the contract to do this.

Benefits of Smart Cards for Registration Cards and Driving Licenses

  • Registration and Renewal of RCs and DLs will be faster.
  • Duplication and Tamoering with RCs and DLs will become difficult.
  • All the information like finger prints, digital signatures and Aadhar number will be stored in them.
  • It will boost enforcement of traffic rules as the chip will also carry information about traffic violations committed by card holder, easily accessible on a centralised state-based database.
  • The system will become more efficient and corruption free with transparency enforced.

 How to convert Old RCs and DLs?

  • Initially, it is going to be a pilot project. No person will be forced to get smart cards.
  • Interested people can convert their existing RC and DL into smart cards can get a duplicate card issued with a nominal fee of Rs 200.
  • The administration has planned to start dealer point registration of vehicles to weed out corruption due to menace of agents, making the system more efficient.


The issuance of smart cards will begin within a week. Panchkula, do welcome the move and convert your RC and DL into smart cards.


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Source: Hindustan Times

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