Slowly and steadily, Chandigarh is strengthening its aerial reach to places across the country and the world, and we all are delighted to have our traveling time cut to just couple of hours. 

Now, we have another big reason to have a bigger smile on our faces as Chandigarh International Airport is going to increase the number of flights from Chandigarh to Delhi from existing eight to 15! Different airlines with Jet Airways with the highest frequency of flights are going to start flying from February 20, 2017. First flight to Delhi will be at 7:35am and last to take off will be at 9:35 pm (to Delhi).

A one-way ticket is being offered for Rs 2,200 on some of these flights. Some airlines are also charging anything between Rs 5,000 and Rs 17,000 depending upon demand and category. A Shatabdi executive class ticket can cost anywhere between Rs 1,200 and Rs 1,300 due to the flexifare system. A chair car seat costs between Rs 800 and Rs 900.

The sudden business interest from airlines means that of the 14 operational hours at the Chandigarh international airport, there will now be 15 flights to Delhi.


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Source: Hindustan Times

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