Chandigarh International Airport is going to start runway repairs due to which air traffic will come down drastically. Out of currently operating 36 flights, 11 will be cancelled and 27 will operate. 

As per the schedule, for civil flights, the runway would remain open from 5 am till 4 pm from October 3 to March 31, 2018.The Indian Air Force (IAF) has communicated that the Chandigarh International Airport would remain completely shut for 30 days, on two different occasions of 15 days each, during the resurfacing of the runway.

♦ From October 3, instead of current 10 pm, airport will operate till 4pm. The first flight will land at the airport at 7.10 am while the last flight will take off at 15.45. 

♦ Sunday will be NO FLIGHT DAY as the day will be completely dedicated to repairs.

♦ This will continue till March 31, 2018. Though there are chances of further extension, as the repair works are targeted to be completed in 20 months.

On Tuesday, Chandigarh airport released the new schedule of 27 operating flights at Chandigarh International Airport. This schedule will start from October 3 and will remain in force till October 28 after which winter schedule will be enforced.



Here is the list of cancelled flights:

Source: HT & The Indian ExpressImage Credits: HT & The Indian ExpressRELATED: Chandigarh Airport Repairs| 11 Out Of 36 Flights Cancelled. New Schedule To Be Released Tomorrow


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