10 Eating Joints In Shimla You Didn’t Know Existed

What comes in your mind when you think of Shimla's good? Expensive restaurants? Old regular food? But not anymore. I am here to guide you about the food served in Shimla which is both tasty and affordable and also the ambience provided by the place is great in itself. Wanna join? So here

Best Places To Have Punjabi Breakfast In Chandigarh

Sunday, if not any other day, definitely brings the Punjabi foodie in all of us back to life. We avoid eating Punjabi food for we want to stay active during weekdays, but tell me isn't that the time you're most sleepy? Come on! Be honest. Haven't your professor, boss or

4 Eating Joints in Chandigarh That No Street Food Lover Can Ever Miss

I will begin by asking one simple question from all my dear readers. What is that one thing that is absolutely necessary for our survival? Oh !Yes!Yes! It is The OXYGEN. But, I am asking you guys, to name a tangible thing without whom we cannot survive. Think... Think... Think... Just give your brain

Know Chandigarh’s Own Shining Stars of Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is that one buzz word whose mere utterance has the power to topple our Punjabi blood....Oh!!!.Balle!!!!!Balle!!!Balle!!!.Be it our weddings,birthday parties or anniversary celebrations, we all want them to be the best of the events ever for our guests. The Food, the decor and the chivalrous butlers, we will leave no

Exotic Restaurants in Chandigarh You Cannot Miss

Let's talk food today! Chandigarh is in true sense a foodie's delight. You get the best of the world cuisine that too in such a beautiful environs that it takes you miles across to that exotic land itself.   Virgin Courtyard A restaurant that takes you directly to the Mediterranean country! Not just the