Feast On Low Calorie Sweets This Diwali. List of Shops and Whole Range Here

This Diwali season is incomplete without a plateful of mithai and sweets, I agree. But, why your health and diet should take a backseat? Not only consumers are diet conscious, also the shops in tricity are. Many sweets outlets have come up with exclusive range of sugar free and low calorie

5 Places in Chandigarh You Can Visit When On A Diet!

Festivities are upon us and you need a rock-solid resolute to resist the temptations of such mouth-watering delicacies. Here I give you some healthy options to give yourself a break from your bland food and enjoy the festive season without regret or guilt. Who says you can’t go out and have

Best Places in Tricity for Lip-Smacking Chaat, Gol-gappe, Tikki & Much More

Of all cravings, the craving for Chaat and Gol Gappa's is something very hard to resist. And in case the weather pleasant and cool, the image of those chilled Gol Gappa's automatically sneaks in your mind. Now where to find the best in Chandigarh? We are always their help!! Plus,

Best Places In Chandigarh For The Most Sumptuous Momos

A steamed bun with different types of filling is popularly called momo which is thought to have a rustic origin. This South Asian dumpling has made a special place in the Indian menus over the years. Talking about Chandigarh, who doesn't like momos? Veg, steamed, chicken, fried and the list never ends.

Best Bakeries in Tricity For Your Best Gourmet Experience From Across The World

One has rightly said,"You can't buy happiness but you can buy cupcakes". Who on this earth doesn't bear a soft corner for cakes, puddings, cookies, pastries, cupcakes and waffles, hardly any, I guess! Hold on guys, as Chandigarh is here with some marvelous bakeries which will rather delight and satisfy your yearnings

Best Places in Chandigarh For Your Midnight Cravings

The clock has already ticked past 12 and your stomach won't stop growling. We all have had moments like these.  But don't always go on cooking Maggi because our city beautiful has plenty of places where you can head on to for satisfying those late night cravings. These food joints will be

Finger licking Good & Light On Pocket – The Best Dhabas In Chandigarh

College life is all about bunking lectures, eating, bitching and basically having fun. We just need a reason to party and hang out every now and then. These four golden years give us infinite memories to cherish forever which are nearly impossible to forget. Be it our pocket money or

Best Ice Cream Parlors For Your Sweet Tooth’s Delight

Blazing sun, dry winds, clear pastel skies, long vacation and a time to rejoice. All these things give us the perfect picture of a great summer. But wait. Have I forgotten something? ICE CREAMS!! In such scorching heat and sweat breaking weather (and for those cravings late at night) everyone needs some respite

5 Gorgeous Cafés In Chandigarh For A Perfect Date

The ravishing and enticing beauty of Chandigarh lure's a tourists heart with a sense of solace and ease. What adds to this pacifying and leisurely place are the fascinating and enchanting cafes's. So, one can guarantee hell of a thrilling weekend being in Chandigarh.  Cafe JC's LOCATION – Sector 10, Chandigarh TIMING –