Heard Of Pink Eye? Take Precautions; It’s Spreading In Chandigarh

If swine-flu virus (H1N1) was not enough to give the city residents sleepless nights and keeping doctors on attacking mode, there's another highly contagious virus which is becoming a grave health concern now. Pink eye or viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious eye infection that is rampant in the current high humidity.  Though

E- Health Card In Himachal Pradesh. First In India & Whole South-East Asia| Know What It Is About

In what is said to be first ever scheme not just in India but the whole South-East Asian region, Himachal Pradesh has become a flag-bearer of health schemes that practically covers the last man in the last row using the power of technology. The Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh launched

This Season’s First Swine Flu Death In Chandigarh | Know How To Stay Safe From Swine Flu

Year after year, Chandigarh has been under grip of terror with swine flu, dengue and malaria claiming so many innocent lives in the city.  This year again, Chandigarh saw its first death to swine flu. 42-year-old, Shyam Verma of Sector 37, died at PGIMER on Thursday evening. The city has already

Number of Missing Girls From Chandigarh Sees A Disturbing Rise

On May 25, 2017, the world celebrated International Missing Children’s Day and the figures of innocent children snatched from the safety and comforts of their homes have been rising. The increasing trend is so disturbing that it has shook the world leaders to take urgent actions immediately. Unfortunately, our city beautiful,

Now, Another Carcinogenic ‘Masala’ Used in Sec 26 For Artificial Ripening

Recently in a raid at Sector 26 the fruit and vegetable market in Sector 26, administration’s Health and Police team found rampant use of calcium carbide, a dangerous carcinogenic for artificial ripening of fruits, which led to an uproar in the city. The administration took serious and strict actions to curb the use

‘Buffalo Injections’, A New High For Drug Addicts in Chandigarh

Drug addiction in Punjab is a major concern, reasons being obvious. The fear of a wasted generations, who can live with this thought.  The psychiatry department at the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Chandigarh, have discovered an unusual addiction among the youth in Dhanas village, on the outskirts of Chandigarh, during

Unchecked Use of Carcinogenics Found at Sector 26 Veggie & Fruit Market

Are you eating vegetable and fruits with carcinogenics (cancer causing chemicals)? In a recent raid at Sector 26 the fruit and vegetable market in Sector 26, administration's Health and Police team found rampant use of calcium carbide, a dangerous carcinogenic for artificial ripening of fruits. The team also found Chinese packets of the ethylene, which

WATCH. AIB Viral Video on Stigma Around Depression. How NOT To Deal With Depression

Depression. No matter how many 'Dear Zindagi' types movies we watch, stigma around mental illness especially depression is most dreadful. It even makes the depressed person to talk to anyone about it, leave alone seeking professional help. AIB has in the wittiest and quirkiest way possible addressed the same concern.    Watch

Free Wifi in Punjab Govt. Schools, Colleges and Hospitals. Metro Rail, Cheaper Power On the Discussion Table

The new Punjab government led by Captain Amarinder Singh is already on business. A government delegation led by Punjab CM visited Mumbai to meet the giants of Indian corporate, the Birlas, Tatas, Mahindras, Hindujas and Reliance to discuss their investment prospects in the state infrastructure projects. In a first win, Reliance

3 Donated Organs Air-lifted in 5 hours from PGI; Blesses 11 Lives in PGI and AIIMS

Many patients die everyday for want of organ transplant or keep suffering for years. The reason being scepticism towards organ donation in the country. But, Chandigarh's PGIMER  achieved an unbelievable feat yesterday. It donated and transported three donated organs within five hours that in turn impacted 11 lives.  The organs were