KiddyCoders: Interactive Session For Kids To Make Them Love Technology Beyond Games

Technology is not good or bad, but its use is. This is 21st generation children. Keeping them away from elegant technology is like keeping them ignorant. But, it is important for elders to keep a check on the activities of children and introduce them a stimulating environment rather than incautiously hand

Whatsapp Traffic Offences Pictures To Chandigarh Traffic Police & Help Making Chandigarh Roads Safer

Whenever we see anyone driving rashly, jumping red light, riding without helmet, don't we feel how they are risking lives on road? This anger turns into frustration when we don't find any traffic police officer around. On roundabouts, where you will definitely find a traffic cop, all divers and riders

Click Picture of Those Who Litter, Send It To MC Chandigarh & Get Handsome Reward

198 dengue cases in Chandigarh.  Chandigarh is struggling with such diseases which have become so serious only due to unhygienic surroundings that we live in. Chandigarh already has just 2 short of double century in Dengue cases, given the weather conditions numbers are only feared to soar. The condition is getting

Panchkula Goes Green This Independence Day; Invites ‘Selfies With Trees’

Panchkula administration has come up with a laudable idea for citizen participation in making the city greener, cleaner and thus more beautiful.  'Selfie With Tree' - that's a campaign initiated in which the residents are encouraged to plant a new tree, click a selfie with it, write their name and location

Punjab Announces Free Education For Girls From Nursery to PhD

In what is seen as a revolutionary step to improve the education system in government schools in Punjab and girls education in Punjab, Punjab's Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh announced plethora of steps that the government will work on starting this fiscal year.  The announcements include: Free education for girls in government

Capitol Complex Finally Gets A Befitting Celebration For Being Recognised As UNESCO’s World Heritage Site

Chandigarh Capitol Complex, the pride of Chandigarh, in July 2016 was bestowed with the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Status and Chandigarhians had been in festive mood whenever they think, talk or visit the Capitol Complex. But, what we all had been missing a befitting celebration to mark the esteemed recognition.  For

First Look| Tejas Express: Countdown for Hi-Speed (160kmph) Train Between Delhi-Chandigarh Begins

Finally, Chandigarh passengers have reason to cheer.  The Delhi-Chandigarh section will have a high speed of 160 kmph as the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) is all set to roll out the first rake of 19 coaches in a couple of days and will be on tracks by the end of the month. Though

Chandigarh Soon To Become Inclusive and Barrier-Free for Differently Abled

Chandigarh has boasted about being a role-model for the whole country. No other city could replicate the success of urban planning here, but like many other cities in the world, Chandigarh too lags behind on inclusiveness index.  The various surveys have proved the half-hearted attempts by the administration and the citizens