Google Didn’t Hire Chandigarh Boy For Rs.1.44 cr Job. Parents Admit It A Mistake

Not just Chandigarh, the whole nation was rejoicing over the incredible feat of a 12th standard pass out, government school educated 16-year-old young boy, Harshit Sharma, bagging a job at Google for whooping Rs. 1.44 crore, but who would have thought that IT WOULD TURN OUT TO BE FAKE NEWS. The

Chandigarh Airport Seeks Probe On Viral Pictures of “Flooded Chandigarh Airport”

Last week, when Chandigarh recorded the highest downpour in last 10 years, the social media was hot with photos of a flooded airport with airplanes seemingly floating. The photos were circulated saying that it was Chandigarh Airport. But, as ChandigarhX reported the photos were fake and old pictures were being shared.

BUSTED! Flooded Airport Pictures Are NOT Of Chandigarh Airport’s. Know Where It Is

Today, some pictures are going viral on social media of airplanes literally floating in flooded airport. And it is said that the airport is Chandigarh airport. BUT IS IT? NO  Check the news on IndiaTimes.      AND the MOST INTERESTING THING is even the pictures here used by India Times are said to be not real.  CHECK the

FAKE! Here’s the REAL STORY behind Cheetahs Killing Freakishly Calm Doe

Four years back in 2013, a wildlife photographer from Finland clicked heart-wrenching photos of cheetahs devouring over their prey, a doe-eyed impala that withstood the grievous assault in an abnormal composure. In 2016, one of the photographs, 'The Stranglehold', received a Remarkable Award in the Siena International Photo Awards. In 2017, the photographs