Why is Chandigarh NOT in Top 10 Cleanest Cities in Swachh Survekshan-2017?

May 4, 2017, Union Minister of Urban Development Venkaiah Naidu announced the results of Swachh Survekshan-2017 and everybody in the tricity was sure of Chandigarh winning the coveted title. But, to the shock and surprise of everyone, Chandigarh did not even figure in Top 10 cleanest cities in India out

Chandigarh Airport Naming Controversy: Bhagat Singh V/S Mangal Sein

Who says what’s in a name? Well, it’s definitely a controversy here! Since its inauguration, Chandigarh Airport has been a cause of joy for travelers here, but WHAT SHOULD IT BE CALLED? The name has been a bone of contention between two states, Punjab & Haryana. What is the controversy? Name Proposed by Punjab Government: Shaheed-a-Azam

Vintage Photos of Chandigarh Under Construction, And They’re Pure Gold

Chandigarh is not just a city. It's been a journey. A journey of building a capital from the scratch. Unlike any other Indian city, Chandigarh has not evolved as a city naturally, over centuries. It's been a well-planned voyage. The aesthetically designed buildings, well-planned architecture, beautiful gardens and wide roads,

Scholarships in Universities In & Around Chandigarh

The youth these days faces a dilemma. They face confusion while selecting an institution to study. And, every youngster’s parents with dreams in eyes cannot afford to pack their kid’s bags to foreign shores. Some parents cannot even afford college fee. But, institutions these days are offering scholarships to needy

Sector 17’s Losing Charm. What Has Gone Wrong?

Sector 17, heart of Le Corbusier’s city,  is fast losing its popularity. Sector 17  was not just Chandigarh's most celebrated shopping and hangout destination, but for places around too. Why do people seem to have changed their mood? The growing mall culture in the city is definitely one of the