Cyber Defence Intelligence- Chandigarh’s Pride In Cyber Security Training & Services Worldwide

Cyber-attacks? Why do we need to worry about it? It is a developed countries' phenomenon, a white-collar crime. Why should I be concerned about it? Why should I care about cyber security training or services? This is usually the popular mindset that I've noticed and everytime I couldn't help but fret

Meet Panchkula’s “Nek Chand”, Prabhu Dutt Gauri, Creator of Mini Rock Garden

"Creativity takes Courage." ---Henri Matisse                                      A few decades ago, a common man created a MASTERPIECE that inspired millions across the globe on conservation and recycling in the most beautiful way possible. This man was

Exclusive Interview| Amrik Singh Shera: Sharing His Story of Kala Chashma & Dark Side of Silver Screen

Have you ever wondered there can be a story behind a song, that too 27 years long history? Can you ever imagine a song written by a ninth grade school kid in 1990 in Punjab village traveled to London where it was first sung and recorded? Can you ever believe the same song was

Pritika Mehta: Scripting ‘Her’story in Men Dominated Science World

Each one of us happily and PROUDLY believe that girls cannot do any good in mathematics or science. We might argue otherwise, but deep down inside we have this scepticism firmly rooted in our psyche that girls are meant NOT to succeed in logic or reasoning. She cannot drive properly. She cannot

Dr. Harpriya Kaur: A Woman with a Tender yet Firm Healing Touch

"Happiness is not just what brings smile on your face, rather it is what contents your soul. It is harmony, inner peace and tranquility. The best way to experience it is to 'make someone else smile'." Harpriya Kaur PhD in Epidemiology from University of Nebraska Medical Center, part of UNESCO 8th Annual International Leadership

Ssumier S Pasricha aka Pammi Aunty: An Inspiring Story of a Proud Black Sheep

Well, who doesn't know Pammi Aunty today? The middle aged woman with green mask on her face, a towel wrapped around her head weirdly enough hair rollers stuck on top of that and gigantic pink coloured glasses rested on her nose, always busy gossiping with her "Sarla Bhenji" - Yes, that's