It’s Final. Chandigarh To Bangkok Flight To Begin From October 6. Know Flight Details

After a much flip-flops and wait, finally Air India has announced the final date and schedule of Chandigarh-Bangkok flight.  Launch Date: October 6, 2017 Aircraft to be used: A-320 Neo Aircraft Number of Flights: 4 flights per week Timings: Departure from Chandigarh to Bangkok: 1.30pm & Arrival to Chandigarh: 9.30am The Chandigarh-Bangkok flight was first

Tricolour Removed From India’s Tallest Flagpole At Attari-Wagah Border. Know Why

Attari international border has always invited huge tourists for the military showmanship during the ceremonial retreat march during border closure and lowering of national tricolour for the night. More than patriotism, it is the competitiveness that runs high in the spectators to outdo Pakistanis in marching, flag-folding, chest beating, forceful

Upcoming Bullet Train (300 kmph) From Delhi To Amritsar Via Chandigarh To Cut Travel Time To 2 Hours

Seven decades of independence, still we lag behind in better, faster and economical connectivity within India and countries abroad.  Indian Railways is fast bringing in better technology to incredibly cut ETA. First Tejas made the news this year, now the talk of the town is upcoming Bullet Train.  According to senior Railway

I-Day Celebrations Marred With Gruesome Case Of 12-year-old Girl’s Rape In Chandigarh

Chandigarh has boasted being the harbinger of modern and free thinking in the country alongwith being the safest city relative to increasing crimes in rest of the country. However, shameless increasing crimes especially children is spreading a fear in the residents here concerning about their and their children's security. What can

Heard Of Pink Eye? Take Precautions; It’s Spreading In Chandigarh

If swine-flu virus (H1N1) was not enough to give the city residents sleepless nights and keeping doctors on attacking mode, there's another highly contagious virus which is becoming a grave health concern now. Pink eye or viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious eye infection that is rampant in the current high humidity.  Though

Chandigarh Women To Come Together TONIGHT To Reclaim The Roads With ‘Bekhauf Azaadi March’

Varnika Kundu's stalking and attempted abduction incident is not the first that women face. There have been endless cases. As we are following this case, another incident from Gurugram came to light the other day where a MNC employed woman lodged a complaint of stalking.  Varnika chose to come out and

Yesteryear’s Actress & Ever-green Beauty, Madhubala’s Wax Figure Unveiled At Madame Tussauds, Delhi

The ever so resplendent beauty, the epitome of grace, yesteryear's actress, Madhubala, has bewitched one and all across the globe in not just in her own lifetime, but her legacy continues to live. Not just on silver screen, a life-size wax figure has been unveiled at Madame Tussauds, Delhi.  Her character has been

#AintNoCinderella – Indian Women Hit Back In Style To All Those Asking Them To Stay Indoors

The stalking case of Varnika Kundu has made shown what a woman in India has to undergo if she dares to voice against the harassment and more so if the harasser is politically well-connected. She is facing the extreme form of victim-shaming and slut-shaming by many on social media with