4 Thriller Short Films That Will Literally Bring Your Heart in Your Mouth! Would You Dare?

YES. INDIAN SHORT FILMS. My interest for watching short films started way back in the 11th grade, when my friend showed me a French Short Films, after that, my interest for watching them never stopped. Now I have watched over a hundred (says this confidently, haha) because I don't do

10 Ways To Impress A Punjabi Mom

Punjabi moms are the most difficult species in the whole universe to impress. I can see you grinning and nodding in agreement. It's like everything we do fails and then she bring out her guns blazing non-stop bullets upon us and if we complain, then the melodrama! Haye ve! Hun apne peo vaang

10 Struggles Every College Student Goes Through

Ever caught yourself doing insane things like setting a 12 minute alarm? or Bringing six pens for an exam because you have trust issues. If you answered a 'YES', welcome to the squad bud. *bro fist* *chest thump* (Ok now I am over doing it). Welcome to the real world, where life is

10 Struggles Only Dog Owners Will Understand

If you reverse the alphabets, 'Dogs are Gods' . And they sure are. They are loyal followers, bestfriends, great listeners.  That little wag on their tails and oh my god, those puppy eyes, can do wonders I tell you. But mostly, they are cute as can be. Here I will describe what it

Mona Lisa, For Christ’s Sake,Tell Me, Are You Smiling or Not?

Chandigarh has a special bond with art. With the clean green environs around, artistically designed buildings and houses, the City Beautiful can inspire the artist in anyone. Considering our fondness for art, beauty and harmony, I thought of sharing the interesting story behind Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece, Mona Lisa. Is she