All those winter lovers who have been missing being wrapped in layers of wool, sitting next to bonfire, munching peanuts in cozy winter sun, the winter god has heard their prayers yesterday!

Tricity and the areas around was happily drenched in 2017’s maiden rainfall accompanied by hailstorm in many areas. 

Tricity’s special love for white winters has pulled people to throng the hills whenever any news of snowfall there breaks in. No matter what time or day it is, all they need is the best friends and head straight to the hills.

Imagine what frenzy it would have been yesterday, when they had a similar white winter in Chandigarh. If not snowfall, hailstorm brought them the chill of Shimla right in their homes.

Social media was outpoured with fabulous pictures of the lush greener Chandigarh and later in the evening, with white Chandigarh.

Relive the excitement in images below!


BONUS: Pictures of Snowfall in Shimla, Manali and Kashmir Valley

Bring out your heavy woolens, Tricity! Our well known winters are here. 


Image Courtesy: Facebook and Google Images


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